Kay Brummal

Kay Brummal, Montgomery AL


Kay Alkire Brummal has been a photographer for as long as anyone can remember, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alabama.

She started out developing and printing her own black and white photographs, and over the years has worked for several film developing and printing companies, large and small, commercial and professional.

She and her husband Edward have been married for over 25 years, and live in Montgomery. They are the proud parents of three sons: Wilson, Mason, and Marion IV.

After taking several years off to raise the boys, Kay has recently started concentrating on photography again.

Many of her works reflect her love of nature, with beautiful and detailed flower close-ups, as well as interesting fruit and vegetable still life. She enjoys photographing local scenes and landscapes, and most of her latest works involve architectural facades and colorful details.

An award-winning photographer, Kay still finds time to be involved in church and civic activities in the Montgomery area. One thing is for sure: you will rarely see Kay without her camera!


Exhibitor: Kay Brummal
Address: Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: (334) 277-5809
Website: Unavailable
Email: kaykayphoto@gmail.com


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