Ladonna Idell

Ladonna Idell - Montgomery, AL - Artist


A native of Oklahoma, Ladonna Idell graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1981.

In 1991 she earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Development from Webster University, St Louis, Missouri.

In 2014 she graduated from Auburn University Montgomery with a degree in Fine Arts.

She spent over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and was fortunate to travel many places in the world during that time-frame.

Always a “dabbler” in art, she and Jack Rutter, her husband, started seriously collaborating on unique stained glass pieces in the mid-80s.

Ladonna Idell, Animals,
Ladonna in Nara, Nara Japan

Interests and Hobbies

Since retiring from the Air Force, Ladonna has increasingly been recognized for her work in other mediums.

Her paintings and sculpture are being shown in art galleries in Selma, Prattville, and Montgomery, Alabama. She actively participates in competitions and shows and has been awarded many awards in several categories.

Ladonna serves on the Board of Directors for SAC’s. She volunteers with the Alabama Wildlife Center and Helping Shepherds of Every Color Rescue.

She loves animals and nature, and is an avid SCUBA diver and traveler. You will see that love reflected in much of her work.


Exhibitor: Ladonna Idell
Address: Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: Call SAC’s Gallery
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"A Shark's Smile" by Ladonna Idell
A Shark's Smile
"Angel Light" by Ladonna Idell
Angel Light
"Blue Eye" by Ladonna Idell
Blue Eye
"Channel Crab" by Ladonna Idell
Channel Crab
"Fiery Orb" by Ladonna Idell
Fiery Orb
"Impression of Water Lilies" by Ladonna Idell
Impression of Water Lilies
"Juggling Jester" by Ladonna Idell
Juggling Jester
"Lidded Pretzel Bowl" by Ladonna Idell
Lidded Pretzel Bowl
"Little Drummer Fish" by Ladonna Idell
Little Drummer Fish
"Lucy" by Ladonna Idell
"Mallard Paddle" by Ladonna Idell
Mallard Paddle
"March of the Mushrooms" by Ladonna Idell
March of the Mushrooms
"Picaso's Bird" by Ladonna Idell
Picaso's Bird
"Rose to Chagall" by Ladonna Idell
Rose to Chagall
"Screech Owl" by Ladonna Idell
Screech Owl
"Squirrel Fish on Reef" - Ladonna Idell
Squirrel Fish on Reef
"Tar Crab" by Ladonna Idell
Tar Crab
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