Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities in Montgomery, Alabama - volunteers providing food and drinks for a reception
Never a shortage of tasks for our volunteers

We Rely on Volunteers

The Society of Arts & Crafts and SAC’s Gallery has a long list of volunteer opportunities.

We rely on volunteers to do everything.

We have no paid employees. That means that there is never a shortage of tasks for our volunteers.

How Volunteers Can Help

Volunteers can help us accomplish the following:

  • Committee chairs and members to plan shows
  • Workers to set up, take down, and work at shows and receptions
  • Help with classes and demonstrations at nursing homes, schools, and assisted living locations
  • People to provide food and drinks for receptions and bottled water for the Gallery
  • Volunteers to work in the Gallery on a predetermined schedule and substitutes to sit the gallery during high vacation times and when regular workers need a day off
  • Paint walls, screens or signs
  • Do graphic work for events
  • Dust or vacuum, and hang artwork in the gallery
  • Teach
  • Set up class rooms
  • Help with mailings
  • Photograph artwork
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Committee chairs and members for art scholarships
  • Updating computer databases
  • Coordinate with other businesses to hang artwork in their place of business

If you’re interested in volunteering with SAC’s, please contact us and let us know how you can help.