About Us

Society of Arts & Crafts in Montgomery, Alabama - drawing of St John's Episcopal Church
Image credit: Thomas Kaufman

Society of Arts & Crafts

The Society of Arts & Crafts of Montgomery and Central Alabama was founded in 1974.

Our institution is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 charitable organization recognized by the State of Alabama.

Membership fees may be tax deductible based on your personal tax situation.

Our “Society” is often referred to as “SAC’s”, a nickname derived from the acronym for “Society of Arts and Crafts”.

Our Mission

SAC’s is committed to the advancement of art education and art appreciation for all ages and stages of life.

The society actively pursues this goal by:

  • Offering art and craft classes
  • Sponsoring art and craft demonstrations to organizations such as schools, nursing homes, and other civic organizations and clubs
  • Sponsoring art shows and art competitions
  • Promoting regional art
  • Providing regional artists and artisans with an outlet to present their work through SAC’s Gallery, our non-profit, co-op art gallery

Society Membership

There are two types of memberships at SAC’s:

  1. Patrons
  2. Exhibitors (or Exhibiting Artists)

Patrons pay an annual membership fee which entitles them to exclusive rights and privileges provided by the Society.

Exhibitors pay an additional monthly fee granting them access to SAC’s Gallery. Exhibitors must first be a patron to be eligible as an Exhibitor.

Learn how you can join and become a member of The Society of Arts & Crafts.

Membership funds help ensure the longevity and financial security of the Society.