Edward Brummal

Edward Brummal


Edward Brummal has been a resident of Montgomery, Alabama, for almost 40 years. He and his wife, Kay, have been married for over 25 years and have three sons: Wilson, Mason, and Marion IV.

He is a principal in the firm of PWBA Architects, Inc. in Montgomery and holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Auburn University.

An award-winning artist, Edward specializes in oil pastels, but also enjoys working with oils. His subjects are mostly landscapes and still life. He also does pen and ink renderings, primarily of architectural subjects.

Edward’s Artist’s Statement:

The oil pastel medium is a versatile one but not very widely known, combining the ease of application of pastels with the vibrancy of oils. The freedom of the medium comes from not allowing too much precision. The focus is on the overall impression of light without too much detail. Oil pastel is a great medium because it allows a work to be completed in only one or two sessions. With a busy schedule, projects that stretch out too long often don’t get finished. The oil pastel work is great for the ‘Sunday painter.’

Note from SAC’s: Don’t be fooled by Edward’s inference that he is a “Sunday painter.” You will find his work to be some of the finest and most detailed of just about any pastel artist in the region.


Exhibitor: Edward Brummal
Address: Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: (334) 277-5809
Website: Unavailable
Email: Unavailable


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