Doti Kendrick

Doti Kendrick


I retired from a 45 year career in Graphic Arts in 2000.

I now reside in Prattville, Alabama and spend all of my free time painting or drawing. I am a member of the Elmore County Art Guild, and the Society of Arts and Crafts, and exhibit at SAC’s Gallery.

I knew from the age of seven that God had gifted me with a talent and a love of art. I was fascinated with the illustrations in childhood books like Alice in Wonderland and Bambi.

I was also fortunate to have two mentors as neighbors while growing up. Both were instructors of Art and Design at the University of Alabama. They encouraged and taught me so much, and I will always be grateful for their time and friendship.

I attended the University of Alabama for one year and then married, worked, and raised three children.

In 2000 I suffered a severe hearing and balance impairment and retired with a disability. In physical therapy, I was taught to focus my eyes on the things around me to learn to walk again. I began to see the world around me in much greater detail and I wanted to return to my art.

It was part of a healing process and thanks to God, family, and the encouragement from my husband, I began to recover in body, mind, and spirit. I have a deeper sense of who I am as an artist. I love to compete and have learned so much from just being around other artists.

I still wobble a bit when I walk, but my hand is steady when it is holding a paint brush or pen.


Exhibitor: Doti Kendrick
Address: Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: Call SAC’s Gallery
Website: Unavailable
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