Svetlana Nelson

Svetlana Nelson - Montgomery, AL - Artist


I would like to introduce myself as an abstract artist. I am confident in my ability to create expressive and interesting pieces that match the needs of collectors and art lovers.

Ever since I could hold a brush and palette knife, I have been creating works of art. At 61 I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

In Lowe Mill, Huntsville Alabama, I took art classes in Chuck Mathews studio. By the time I finished classes, I knew that my area of expertise was painting.

My work was selected to be in many art exhibitions and awarded with 3 certificates of Honorable mention, including at the Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan.

My paintings have been featured in the magazines

My favorite element to experiment with is color. I enjoy seeing how a colorful painting can add brightness to any room.

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Exhibitor: Svetlana Nelson
Address: Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: Call SAC’s Gallery


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"8th Street" by Svetlana Nelson
8th Street
"Beauty of Life" by Svetlana Nelson
Beauty of Life
"Crispy Blue" by Svetlana Nelson
Crispy Blue
"Golden Alabama" by Svetlana Nelson
Golden Alabama
"Let's Celebrate" by Svetlana Nelson
Let's Celebrate
"Light After Dark 9" by Svetlana Nelson
Light After Dark 9
"Magic Sky 1" by Svetlana Nelson
Magic Sky 1
"Magic Sky 2" by Svetlana Nelson
Magic Sky 2
"Nostalgic Memories" - Svetlana Nelson
Nostalgic Memories
"Tales of the Old Castle 2" by Svetlana Nelson
Tales of the Old Castle 2
"Tales of the Old Castle 3" by Svetlana Nelson
Tales of the Old Castle 3
"Winter's Dream" by Svetlana Nelson
Winter's Dream
Coming soon...

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