Liphus M Swindall

Liphus M Swindall - Montgomery , AL Artist


Dothan, Alabama, native Liphus “Mick” Swindall grew up in Texas. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Stephen F Austin State University there in 1994. 

For more than 20 years, Mick worked in the advertising industry as a leading graphic designer, illustrator, art director and creative director. He created art for his own amusement throughout his corporate career. His recent return to Alabama offers time, at last, for full-time painting at his home studio.

Working primarily in mixed media with a nontraditional approach to landscapes, he expresses both bold and subtle aspects of his environment. Some of his works informed by techniques and materials used by rural primitive painters in history. Other recent works include pet portraiture, digital photography and sculpture. When he isn’t making art, Mick is an animal lover and an amateur gardener.

You can find his work on Facebook & Instagram under @LiphusDesign.


Exhibitor: Liphus M. Swindall
Address: Troy, Alabama
Phone: Call SAC’s Gallery
Facebook: LiphusDesign
Instagram: @LiphusDesign


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