"Focus" by Itumeleng Junior Boitshwarelo

TITLE: Focus

EXHIBITOR: Itumeleng Jr Boitshwarelo

DESCRIPTION: Her name is “Focus.”

She was painted out of disappointment, shame, depression, discouragement and non-stop tears from blaming myself for failing in a competition, but that didn’t bring me down. Instead, I used all that to create this really beautiful piece that is personally one of my best creations. So, instead of allowing all the negativity to shut me down, I decided to focus on me – which is why I painted this piece, explaining to people and trying to connect with viewers, that one must concentrate-focus-on you, not what others think of you, because if you allow people and yourself to sabotage you, it will break you and you will end up like the right side of this painting; empty and alone.

Think positively, take chances, move forward and listen to your elders and you will end up like the left side of the painting; full of life and freedom. If not, you’d be just as messed up as the Rubik’s cube on the right. Control your life and you will be all assorted and arranged like the Rubik’s cube on the left. The cards in the painting with 2 hearts and the two of spades mean that in life one has two choices; choose either good and end up in the left side of the painting, or choose bad and be miserable for the rest of your life.

The flower in the middle, held by the beautiful girl, means life is like a flower that we all will be planted and germinate but as time goes on, leaves start to fall off.

This painting was created using Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. Acrylics were used to make the background and oils to make the girls and flower.

ARTWORK SIZE: 36” x  24”


STATUS: Available for Purchase

PRICE: $550