William Campbell

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William makes functional pottery “because it becomes a part of people’s everyday life”.  His work reflects his belief that the everyday items we use don’t necessarily need to be mundane .

To him, his pieces feel like they are floating in his hand. He appreciates how glaze gives a piece such a complex visual texture from a simple dipping process.

William started to work with the pottery wheel while studying at Henderson State University. It was something that would keep him calm and focused while he attended classes.

He appreciated the fact that he was creating with his hands, and that there was no definitive correct way to form a piece, and as a result you develop your curiosity and and your body of work as you explain and justify it.

“My pieces evolve as I make them over time and as I see other works of art in various places.”

William currently works with cone six oxidation and hopes to one day be able to work with a gas kiln, but for now is content to explore the possibilities of electric firing. He aspires to create simple curves that combine to yield an elegant piece. Finally, he enjoys how his pieces connect hun to his buyer’s everyday lives and routines.


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"Chalice or Wine Glass and Bowl" by William Campbell
Chalice or Wine Glass and Bowl
"Shard-onnay" by Aimée Harbin
Tall Mugs
"Tall Vase and Bowl" by William Campbell
Tall Vase and Bowl
"Three Bowls" by William Campbell
Three Bowls
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