Brock Parker

Brock Parker


Brock Parker grew up in an Air Force family which enabled him to live and travel in Europe where his interest in and love of art developed.

He still tries to return to Europe every year and his art is influenced heavily by his affinity to the areas and artists of Provence and Tuscany.

His style is more impressionist than detailed and tight, and this is best illustrated in his landscapes.

In his still lifes, you see the darker palette and short brushstroke combined with the very specific use of light, that suggests an influence gained from his practice of studying the old masters, his favorite being Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin (1699-1779).

Much of Brock’s time is spent reproducing well known works of art with his own interpretation.

His subject matter is as varied as his moods and attention span, resulting in an eclectic body of work. His preferred mediums are acrylic and oils.

He is a member of the Montgomery and Elmore County Art Groups, the Society of Arts and Crafts, and the Capital City Artists. He has received numerous awards in various juried shows and competitions.

Brock is a full time painter and has lived in Montgomery, Alabama, for almost 40 years.


Exhibitor: Brock Parker
Address: Montgomery, Alabama
Phone: Call SAC’s Gallery
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"Wares Ferry Bog" by Brock Parker
Wares Ferry Bog
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